Launch of the Florida Impact Investing Initiative

January 30: 3-6PM including reception.

"Aligning Impact with Market Rate Returns"

A focal point for mobilizing meaningful money in Florida. Attracting investors, investment managers, foundation executives, government officials, students, high net worth individuals, service providers, and endowment and pension administrators (further referred to as "Impact Champions"), the workshop will lay the foundation for the local impact investing ecosystem. Future events will build on this one, culminating in a series of "do-tanks" in which billions of dollars will be reallocated to impact strategies.

The day will consist of high-level networking, education, and empowerment. It is the Florida Impact Investing Initiative's mission to convene and connect the community to cutting-edge financial information so the public can generate high financial returns while also creating a positive social or environmental return. At the same time, the Florida Impact Investing Initiative also makes it its mission "to inspire the next generations to impact" through out-of-the-classroom learning experiences and by connecting them to visionaries in the local community.

The event will feature an opening address by the founder of HelpedHope and the 2017 Florida Leader in Impact Investing. Then there will be two panels on the capital markets: one on the public side and one on the private with question and answer sessions for both. The day will conclude with strategic networking at the reception.

Speakers are a mix of corporate and foundation leaders, ultra-high net worth individuals, social entrepreneurs, and influencers with significant roles in the ecosystem. They will come into the University and connect with students, inheritors, and peers. By putting them together, new opportunities will be created, and the flame of mentorship will be lit.